Scholarships Given

Since the foundation’s inception in 2006, it has given out 1,400 $10,000 scholarships to Texas 4-H and FFA members. Do you qualify? Click on one of the links below to apply.

Scholarship Goal

We’re proud of the $14 million worth of scholarships we’ve awarded, but we won’t stop there. We’ve set our sights at giving out 120 full-ride scholarships – that’s almost $4 million – per year.


Dick and Patsy Wallrath firmly believe if their story helps just one person, it’s worth telling. They’ve been encouraged by the kind words from those who have benefited from their scholarships or by watching Deep in the Heart.

Your story is a true inspiration and I am so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life. You are proof to my generation that even when you hit rock bottom, things can always turn around. You turned your life around and made it not only a success story, but an example that no matter how tough things get, you can never give up, and that things will get better if you put in the effort.

I cannot say enough of how thankful I am for myself and countless other people who have been able to witness the generosity of Mr. Richard Wallrath. His support and continued contributions to the young people in this country is greatly appreciated.